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One its performance design focuses on all wheels and drive wheels
Two prevent the longitudinal grooves from trapping rocks and prevent chasm
Three excellent grip performance ...
PCR Tyre
1. Bold tread design provides excellent driving stability. Asymmetric groove angles reduce groove cracks to a minimum
2. Uneven abrasion is dimished by the insertion of ...
PCR Tyre
1. Wide high rigidity tread with aggressive pattern provides good traction and firm road contact.
2. Soft sidewall of tyre ensures stable and comfortable riding at high ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
15.5-25-12PR 13.00-24-12PR 14.00-24-16PR

20.5-25-16PR 23.5-25-16PR
The versatile tire pattern designed for loaders, graders and other equipment used in construction,
Stockpile and truck-loading applications
Excellent traction
Stale and ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Excellent traction capabilities, long tire life, available with either cut-resistance or high-speed capability, high protection in harsh conditions, designed for truck.
18.00R33 ...
Deep tread designed for severe and rocky surfaces
For use in underground mines, open pits and quarries
Specially designed sidewall provides extended protection from cutting ...
10-16.5NHS-8/10/12PR 12-16.5NHS-10/12PR

14-17.5-10/12PR 15-19.5NHS-12/14PR

Fullroad Rubber Co., Limited is a leading tyre factory and tyre exporter located in qingdao, China. We specialize in r-OTR, TBR, PCR, UHP, ltr, light truck tyre, ...
Fullroad Rubber Co., Limited is a leading tyre factory and tyre exporter. Our agricultural tyre pattern includes R-1, R-2, F-3, I-1, LS-1, etc.
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
AGR tyre: Application to tractors operated in cane, rice, muddy and wet field farming;
Deep pattern provide excellent and powerful traction and self-cleaning performance;
Good ...
33× 15.50-16.5-12PR
23× 8.5-12-8PR
Fullroad Rubber Co., Limited is a leading tyre factory and tyre exporter located in qingdao, China. We specialize in r-OTR, TBR, PCR, UHP, ltr, light truck tyre, truck bus tyre, ...
Agriculture tyre: 9.5L-15, 11L-15, 11L-16, 10.00-15, 9.5L-14, 11L-14, 12.5L-15, 7.60-15, etc.
Good wear cracking resistance and good traction.
All-Steel Radial Truck Tyre / TBR Tire
One suitable to common and excellent city road
Two new pattern, apply to drive wheels and all wheels
Three use high-performance carcass ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
5.00-8-8PR 5.00-8-10PR 5.00-8-12PR
6.00-9-10PR 6.00-9-12PR
6.50-10-10PR 6.50-10-12PR 6.50-10-14PR
7.00-12-12PR 7.00-12-14PR 7.00-12-16PR
6.50-16-8PR 6.50-16-10PR
7.00-15-12PR ...
15X5X111/4 14X41/2X8 16X5X101/2 16X6X101/2 161/4X5X111/4 161/4X6X111/4

161/4X7X111/4 161/4X8X111/4 161/4X9X111/4 18X5X121/8 18X6X121/8 18X7X121/8 18X8X121/8 18X9X121/8 21X5X15 ...
81/2X4X4 9X5X5 10X4X61/4 10X5X61/4 10X6X61/4 10X7X61/2 10X4X61/2 10X5X61/2

10X6X61/2 101/2X6X61/2 14X5X10 14X8X10 15X5X111/4 15X6X111/4 15X7X111/4 15X8X111/4 15X9X111/4 ...
1) Advanced technology
2) High load capacity
3) Low rolling resistance
4) Lower energy consumption
5) Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles
Center straight-high rib the continuous grouding on the road helps straight running satbility at
High speed, excellent steering response in unexpected hangdling.
The cured ...
"V"-type directional tread pattern provide high-speed driving response and stability, aquaplaning
Resistance and quiet driving conditions
Greater contact patch ratio delivers ...
10X5X61/4 10X6X61/4 10X7X61/2 10X4X61/2 10X5X61/2 10X6X61/2 101/2X5X61/2 101/2X6X61/2 15X5X111/4 15X6X111/4 101/2X6X5 13X31/2X8 13X51/2X8 131/2X41/2X8 131/2X51/2X8 131/2X61/2X8 ...

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